ART-7 Gallery, London

BURDIN, Vladimir (b.1960)

Born in 1960. Studied at Leningrad Art School named Boris Ioganson in 1973-1978. Then graduated from the Strogonov Art Institute in 1992 in Moscow. Member of the Union of Artists since 1995. Began exhibiting in 1978. Specialises in genre scenes, portraits and still life. Teaches at the Bryansk Art School since 1993. Many of her works are in private collections in the Russia, Great Britain, Germany and USA

Vladimir Burdin “Still life with Bread and Lemon” 2003

Oil on canvas/Frame to order
63.5cm x 86cm


Vladimir Burdin “Still Life with Fish” 1999

Oil on canvas/Framed
80cm x 85cm


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