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TSVETKOV, Viktor (1920-2009)

Viktor Tsvetkov was born in Leningrad, in 1920. He finished Leningrad Art School in 1937 and then graduated from the Repin Art Academy in 1952. A Passionate realist, he has spent long hours drawing from life scenes and travelling about his vast native land with his palette and brush. In 1953, he became Member of the Union of Artists, establishing himself as a portraitist and artist of figurative painting. Art, as well as poetry have become his life-long inspiration. His versatile talent was recognised in Russia early before the "perestroika" opened doors to the western world of connoisseurs of art. His works are exhibited in galleries and museums in different cities in his motherland, including the internationally known Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow). Many of his paintings have found their way to private collections in the USA, Great Britain, Japan, Germany and Canada.

V.Tsvetkov “Spring on the Yauza River”,1989

Oil on board/Framed to order
35cm x 25cm

V. Tsvetkov “Finish” 1946

Oil on canvas/Unframed

143cm x 215cm


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