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TITOV, Konstantin (1913-1997)

Born in 1913. He graduated from the Astrakhan Art College in 1937, then the Repin Art Academy in St. Petersburg in 1947. Member of the Union of Artists since 1946. Merrited Member of the Union of Artists since 1993. He held professorship in the Kiev Art Academy. He is an important Russian Realist whose works are in many museums of Russia and private collections in the USA, Japan, Great Britain, Canada, France, Germany and Holland.

Konstantin Titov “Night raid” 1956

Oil on board/Framed to order
12cm x 23cm

Konstantin Titov “Autumn Bouquet” 1971

Oil on board/Framed to order
49cm x 34.5cm

Konstantin Titov “The Flower Sallers” 1960

Oil on canvas/Framed
91cm x 130cm


Konstantin Titov “The Visitor” 1950

Oil on canvas/Framed
81cm x 132cm


Konstantin Titov “Victory Party” 1946

Oil on canvas/Framed
54cm x 107cm


Konstantin Titov “Soviet Motherhood” 1949

Oil on canvas/Framed
100cm x 128cm


K. Titov “Market” 1979

Oil on canvas/Unframed

110cm x 130cm

K. Titov “Mending The Net” 1949

Pencil on paper, 63.5cm x 45.7cm

Framed to order

K. Titov “S.M. Kirov in Astrakhan” 1958

Oil on canvas/Framed to order

117.5cm x 183cm

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