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Serge Marshennikov was born in 1971 in Ufa (Bashkiriya, USSR). Serge was always drawing, painting and sculpting from any material he could land his hands on. His Mother encouraged Serge to study and from early childhood and he had a succession of private teachers and art studies he attended. After receiving a number of awards for his children’s watercolour and pastel paintings, Serge decided to become a professional painter. In 1995 he finished the Ufa Art College and then continued education at one of the most prestigious art academies in the world, The Repin Academy of Fine Art in St. Petersburg, Russia. As one of the most talented graduates of the academy, Serge was offered to stay for post-graduate studies at the studio of the Academician, Rector of the Academy, Professor Mylnikov. His work is in much demand and his prices are constantly rising. Serge’s paintings are held in Royal Academy of Arts in London, El Paso Museum of Art, in The Grace Museum (Abilene), and in many important private collections in Russia, England, Denmark, France and Japan.

Serge Marshennikov “Sweet dreams” 2014

Oil on canvas/Framed

51cm x 80cm


Serge Marshennikov “Red and Gold”

Oil on canvas/Framed to order
55cm x 90cm


Serge Marshennikov “Old Vase”

Oil on canvas/Framed
60cm x 45cm


Serge Marshennikov “Morning Dreams”

Oil on canvas, Framed

50cm x 95cm


Serge Marshennikov “Sutra”

Oil on canvas, 60cm x 105cmm, Framed

Serge Marshennikov “The Opposites”

Oil on canvas/Framed to order
82.5cm x 119cm

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