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SEGAL Eugene (Ukrainian)

Creative formation of Eugene Segal as an artist was in a special atmosphere of Kharkiv state Academy of arts. He graduated from it with his own creation manner. His paintings "Still Life with Mirror", "Portrait of a Woman", "Motion down the Heart Line" open to us early positions of his art. In these paintings he performs independence in choosing motive and interpretation of a topic. The colour in these works becomes main point, appears hot-yellow colouring and relief structure. Pastose painting, vibrating contours of the things — these distinctive peculiarities will appear in the later works. In 1997 the first exhibition of the artist in DAIS Gallery took place. Eugene Segal showed paintings from "Stones" series. There was shown individual decision of composition and colouring tasks — in abstract manner, it was full of personalities and experience. In theses series the artist shows the storm of emotions, tension, which comes from the inner power.A special place in the art of the artist is lyrical landscape. It is traditionally accepted by the landscape paintings shows the wide palette of author's experience and feelings. For example, «Kharkiv in Winter» - is novel silent, stone Kharkiv. Eugene catches the condition of the nature, in every motive he finds poetry and harmony of the man in the world. He dreams of the life to be harmonious as a music.

SEGAL Eugene “Venice”

Oil on canvas/Framed to order
80cm x 110cm


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