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SAVINOV Yuri (1929-1997)

Yuri Savinov was born in Ivanovo in 1929. Graduated from the Ivanovo Art School in 1952. Member of the Union of artists in 1968. Solo exhibition in Ivanovo,1989. His works are held in Ivanovo, Ryazan and Kineshmy Art Museums. Many of his paintings have found their way to private collections in the Russia, Great Britain, Japan, Germany and France.

Yuri Savinov (1929-1997) “Still Life with Samovar” 1972

Oil on canvas/Framed to order
56.5cm x 76cm

Yuri Savinov (1929-1997) “Still Life with Tea Pot” 1993

Oil on canvas/Framed to order
51.5cm x 78.5cm

Yuri Savinov (1929-1997) “Still Life with Lilac” 1970

Oil on board/Framed to order
69cm x 49cm

Yuri Savinov (1929-1997) “Still Life with Teapot and Cups” 1970

Oil on canvas/Framed to order
42.5cm x58.5cm


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