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KUDELKIN, Viktor (1911-1995)

Viktor Kudelkin was born in small village name Kud’ma, near Alatyr, Chuvashkaya republic in 1911. He graduated from the Cheboksary Art School in 1938 and then graduated from the Surikov Art Academy in 1940. Began exhibiting from 1940. Member of the Union of Artists from 1940. Specialised in thematic paintings , portraits and landscape. Taught in Kazan art school in 1946-1975. His works are held in Tatarstan Art Museum. Honored artist of Tatarstan in 1971. Peoples’s artist of Russia in 1986. Laureate of the State Prize of the USSR. G. Tukaya in 1986. Academic of Art in 1997. His paintings can be found in private collections of United Kingdom, Russia, Tatarstan and France. His works are represented in permanent collections in the National Museum in Kazan (Tatarstan)

V.Kudelkin “River Volga” 1993

Oil on wood/Framed to order
30cm x 20cm

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