ART-7 Gallery, London

KHALVASH, Nazim (1914-2003)

He was born in Abhaziya in 1914.Graduated from Batumi pedagogical college in 1935. Studied at Tbilisi Academy of Art until 1941. Member of the Union of Artists in 1947. Specialised in landscapes paintings. Honoured Artist of the USSR in 1984. People's artist of Abhaziya. His paintings are part of National Museum of Abhaziya. Many of his paintings are held in private collections in Great Britain, Holland, France and Russia.

N. Khalvash “Road in the Field” 1959

Oil on board/Framed to order

60cm x 68.5cm

N. Khalvash “Lilac Bush” 1968

Oil on board/Framed to order

59.5cm x 68cm


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