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KAZHOYAN, Vagan (1921-2007)

Kazhoyan Vagan was born in Leninokan in 1921. He graduated from the Yerevan Art institute in 1953. Began exhibiting in 1953. Member of the Union of Artists since 1957. Specialised in landscapes and graphic paintings. He is well-known in Armenia as a graphic and an illustrator of various books and publications. His works are represented in permanent collections in the National Museums of Art and galleries in Erevan. Paintings by Kazhayan are part of private collections in Armenia, USA and West Europe.

V. Kazhoyan “Artist And His Wife” 1950

Pencil on paper, 56cm x 45cm

Framed to order

V. Kazhoyan “Victory” 1952

Watercolour, 43cm x 34cm

Framed to order


V. Kazhoyan “Harvest Time” 1957

Watercolour on paper, 42cm x 62cm, framed

V. Kazhoyan “Playing In The Snow” 1956

Watercolour, 42cm x 62cm, framed

V. Kazhoyan “Shooting Lesson” 1952

Pencil on paper, 68cm x 50cm

Framed to order

V. Kazhoyan “Seated Male model” 1951

Pencil on paper 64cm x 44cm

Framed to order

V. Kazhoyan “Battle” 1953

Watercolour on paper, 44cm x 33cm

Framed to order

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