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KASHKUREVICH, Arlen (1929-2013)

Arlen Kashkurevich was born in Minsk in 1929. Graduated from the Belarus Art college in 1953 and then graduated from Minsk Theatre Art Institute in 1959. Became a Member of the Union of Artists in 1960 and was a Honoured Artist of the USSR in 1973. Professor of Art. Began exhibiting in 1959. Specialised in thematic paintings, portraits and landscapes, also a graphic artist. His works are represented in permanent collections in the National Galleries in Minsk, Belarus and in the internationally known Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow). Arlen paintings are part of private collections in Belarus, USA and West Europe.

A. Kashkurevich “End of Harvest” 1955

Gouache on paper/Framed to order
32cm x 12.5cm

A. Kashkurevich “Portrait Of An Old Man” 1958

Watercolour on paper, 41cm x 30cm

Framed to order

A. Kaskurevich “Portrait of a Fireman” 1955

Oil on canvas/Framed to order

66cm x 50cm


A. Kashkurevich “Seated Nude” 1955


60cm x 47cm

Framed to order

A. Kashkurevich “Standing Female Nude” 1957

Pencil on paper

60cm x 42cm


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