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KALMYKOV, Nickolai (1924-1994)

Nickolai Kalmykov was born in Orel, Russia in 1924. Studied at 1905 Art College between 1949-1951. Began exhibiting in 1946. Member of Grekov Art Studio from 1978. Solo exhibitions in Grekov studio 1963-1977. Specialised in thematic paintings, portraits and landscapes. Member of the Union of Artists in 1975. His paintings are part of collections in Military Art Museum of Moscow. Many of her works are in private collections in the Russia, Great Britain, Germany and USA.

N. Kalmykov “Still life with Peony” 1960

Oil on board/Framed to order
50cm x 65.5cm

N. Kalmykov “First Reading” 1951

Pencil on paper, 60cm x 74cm


N. Kalmykov “Young Activist Making A Speech” 1950

Pencil on paper, 84cm x 59cm

Framed to order

N. Kalmykov “Young Sailor” 1954

Oil on board/Framed

49cm x 35cm


N. Kalmykov “Young Model” 1950

Pencil on paper/Framed

59.5cm x 41cm


N. Kalmykov “Friends” 1959

Oil on canvas/Framed

104cm x 100cm


N. Kalmykov “Portrait of a Student” 1962

Oil on board/Framed to order, 48cm x 33cm


N. Kalmykov “Still Life with Fruit” 1962

Oil on canvas/Framed to order, 60cm x 80cm

N. Kalmykov “Still Life with Apples and Pears” 1953

Oil on board/Framed

48cm x 70.5cm


N. Kalmykov “Lilac and Tulips” 1965

Oil on canvas/Framed to order

84cm x 66cm

“Still Life with Bread, Eggs and spotted Teapot” 1958

Oil on canvas/Framed

79cm x 59.5cm


N. Kalmykov “Young Girl in Turquoise” 1965

Oil on canvas/Framed to order

79cm x 100cm

N. Kalmykov “Still Life with Summer Flowers and Fruit” 1950

Oil on canvas/Framed to order

68.5cm x 88.8cm


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