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FYODOROV, Vyacheslav (1918-1985)

Born in Ivanovo-Voznesensk. Fyodorov finished the Ivanovo Art School with a Red Diploma, graduated from the Repin Art Academy in Leningrad in 1951. Fyodorov was a Merited Member of the Union of Artists and has many works in Russian Museums and private collections.

V. Fyodorov “Summer time” 1970

Oil on board/Framed to order
34.5cm x 49.5cm

V. Fyodorov “Before the Storm ” 1972

Oil on canvas laid down on board/Framed to order
30cm x 40cm

V. Fyodorov ” Unloading the Ships” 1948

Oil on board/Framed to order
36cm x 62cm

V. Fyodorov “Sunny Day” 1949

Oil on board/Framed to order
39cm x 40cm

V. Fyodorov “Ferry at night” 1943

Oil on board/Framed to order
18cm x 31cm

V. Fyodorov “By the river Volga” 1948

Oil on canvas/Framed to order
36cm x 70cm

V. Fyodorov “Birch Trees” 1955

Oil on board/Framed to order, 35cm x 49.5cm


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