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IVANCHENKO, Natalya (1971)

Natalya Ivanchenko was born in 1971 in Kharkov, Ukraine. Graduated from the Kharkov Art College in 1991 and then graduated from Kharkov Art Institute in 1998. She specialised in thematic landscapes, still life and portraits. She has taken part in many exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad. Member of the Ukrainian Union of Artists. Many of her paintings are held in private collections in Great Britain, Ukraine, France Italy and Russia.

N.Ivanchenko (Born 1971) “Goats at the Log Pile”

Oil on canvas, framed
55cm x 70cm

N.Ivanchenko (Born 1971) “The Village Street”

Oil on canvas, framed
45cm x 51cm

N.Ivanchenko (Born 1971) “Feeding the chickens”

Oil on canvas, framed
45cm x 50cm

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