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SAIDOV Aydemir

In 2000 Aydemir graduated with honors from the Junior College and was accepted as an outstanditalent into the St Petersburg (Russia) Academy of Fine Art. In 2005 he won countrywide competition of student drawings and received First Prize and special, accommodation. In 2006 Aydemir graduated with honors from the Academy. During his studies at the Academy, in order to pay for education and Aydemir painted commissioned portraits and sold his still lives and landscapes in the galleries of St Petersburg. He often went to south Russia to make sketches of interesting landscapes for his future paintings. In 2003 he met his future wife Mari'na Ma'rina who came to the same place to make sketches. They met on the plain air while painting the same scenery. In 2007 Aydemir received an offer from Christie's Fine Art Auctions of London to cooperate with them. He is working with the auctions since that time and until present. In 2009 Aydemir took part in the "Portal Nu" exhibition in the Romanov Fine Art Museum of the city of Kostroma. Then in 2010 in a famous "Fall Exhibition" in the St Petersburg Union of Artsts where he started showing his nude and semi-nude figurative paintings. He was chosen for the 2011 exhibition "Artists of Russia to Watch." In 2013 he was exhibiting alongside most important Russian figurative answers in an exhibit "Body from Olympics to Olympics." In the summer time 2012 Aydemir started to work with Art-7 art gallery in London. Paintings by Aydemir are now in museums in Russia as well as in private collections in Great Britain, the USA, Germany, China and several other countries.

SAIDOV Aydemir “Dreaming on the sofa”

Oil on canvas/Framed to order
55cm x 105cm

SAIDOV Aydemir “Mystery dream”

Oil on canvas/Framed
51cm x 76cm


SAIDOV Aydemir “Diana and an Attendant”

Oil on canvas/Framed
94cm x 124.5cm

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